MEI Hotels
MEI Hotels Saves up to $80,000 in Administration and Development Costs by Migrating to Windows Server 2003 and Active Directory
MEI Hotels relied on an older Windows NT infrastructure that did not offer the management flexibility they needed. By migrating to Windows Server 2003 and implementing SharePoint Services, it was able to improve network and server management and reduce administration and development costs by an estimated $80,000.

Epicor Software Corporation
Simpler Desktop Environment Extends Efficient Systems Management to Epicor’s Worldwide Facilities
Epicor Software Corporation improved and simplified their corporate desktop environment by deploying a standardized desktop image of Microsoft Windows XP Professional and Microsoft Office XP that reduced the number of desktop images from 18 to three. This helped Epicor decrease end-user downtime and, by automating the software installation process, reduced the IT resources devoted to creating and managing desktop images. Improved desktop availability and application compatibility contributed to 30 percent fewer help desk calls and an average 42 percent decrease in help desk call resolution time from 6.6 to 3.8 days per call. Remote assistance services enabled Epicor network administrators to spend less time and money traveling to remote company facilities.

Superior Scalability and Reliability of Windows Server 2003 Will Enable World Leader in Electronics and Engineering to Extend Its Collaborative Business Model Globally

The driving force behind the Siemens deployment of Microsoft® Windows® Server 2003 and Active Directory® is the desire to gain the collaborative, security, and cost benefits of a global infrastructure while enabling each of its 130 business units to maintain independent operations. The Siemens Any4 vision means the ability to enable any authorized worker to access any resource, from anywhere, at any time. By using Windows Server 2003 to extend that vision, the company expects to increase productivity and reduce operating, implementation, and administration costs, positioning it well to compete in the global marketplace.

Princess Cruises
Cruise Line Casts a Customized Net with New E-Mail Relationship Management Solution
Princess Cruises must navigate the ebb and flow of tourism dollars. Communicating with the 1.1 million-plus passengers who travel with the cruise line each year and attracting new customers requires a comprehensive outreach effort. Customized and targeted content must be delivered in a cost-effective, efficient, and timely manner. To accomplish this, Princess Cruises chose an e-mail relationship management solution offered by Dynamics Direct, built on the Microsoft® .NET Framework, and supported by Microsoft SQL Server™ 2000 Enterprise Edition and Internet Information Services version 5.0. Within 48 hours of implementation, Princess Cruises could communicate with more people, while reducing costs and improving speed and efficiency.

The Space Needle Corporation
The Space Needle Points the Way to Added Value, Reducing Business Task Completion Times by 95%
The Space Needle was burdened by slow response times for a critical point-of-sale application over the network. By migrating to Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Terminal Services, the Space Needle was able to slash application response time by 95% and add value through increased user productivity.