Systems Integration

Complex legacy systems that organizations develop to support traditional corporate applications are colliding with the idea of conducting business in Internet time and satisfying customer needs. Organizations can no longer take years to design and develop all-inclusive applications or integrate existing systems. Systems are expected to be available virtually immediately, provide exceptional functionality, maintain flexibility, and operate flawlessly. Systems integration is the key for meeting all these goals and developing business solutions for today's competitive economy.
Systems integration is the process of bringing together technology components to support a business solution and ensuring that the components work in a unified fashion. It is part of a much larger business solution development effort that includes activities such as business process re-engineering, change management, and transition management.
Trademark Q, Inc. specializes in providing system integration services to meet the unique needs defined with each client including:
• System Level Consolidation
• Backup and Recovery Strategies
• Configuration Support
• Performance Monitoring
• System Conversion
• Capacity Planning
• Disaster Recovery Planning
• Storage Management
• Server and Network Configuration and Installation
• Systems, Network and Application Management
Through extensive experience, skilled consultants, and close working relationships with industry leaders in technology products, Trademark Q, Inc. delivers an expert understanding of systems integration issues and solutions.