Knowledge Base

Our experienced teams use proven methodologies to identify the scope of work, define the project, and design, develop, and deliver solutions tailored to your business objectives.
• Custom Training - customized training solutions are crafted to fit your specific requirements, providing exactly what is needed when it is needed. Trademark Q, Inc. analyzes your current and ongoing training needs to create and deliver robust solutions tailored to your organization. Whether paper or technology-based, instructor-led or self-paced, we work with you to develop the solution that best supports your strategic and financial goals.
• Custom Documentation - when documentation is well organized and clearly written, your employees can locate information faster and more accurately, increasing their productivity and job knowledge. Our documentation specialists are industry experts in designing, developing, and revising documentation in paper-based and multimedia formats, including:
o Product documentation
o System documentation
o User guides
o Policies and procedures manuals
o Proposals

• Performance Improvement - Trademark Q, Inc. can create an integrated performance improvement system that can lead to improved performance and compliance. Our approach to performance improvement complements our training and documentation services by taking a more comprehensive, critical look at your organization's ability to achieve its objectives. Our performance improvement solutions can include the following elements:
o Integrated documentation and training programs
o Performance support systems
o Training program evaluation and redesign
o Process improvement